Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Magic Paints” in Poltava

The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​ restores the tradition of the theatrical festival “Magic Paints”.

Conducting such festivals is a tradition of leading universities in Europe and the United States. The founder of the Magic Paints Festival is the Oriental Language Department. The first theatrical festival was held in March 2007. Over the next seven years, the festival, which reveals an extremely bright palette of cultures of different peoples of the world in various theatrical genres, was held annually. The main goal of the festival was to promote oriental languages ​​among students and to expand and deepen knowledge about the culture of the eastern countries.

In the program of the festival, which took place in Poltava on April 23, 2018, there were cultural performances in three oriental languages ​​using national costumes, musical accompaniment, dances and songs. The festival was attended by graduates from Poltava and Poltava schools. After the festival, the teachers and students summed up and made a decision to award a prize of audience sympathies next year. So, the good tradition has been extended! Students have already begun to discuss and plan what performances they will prepare for the next festival “Magic Paints” in 2019.

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