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Walking tour

A walking tour “Back to the past with Starobilsk” took place for students of the ER ICSTT.

The excursion was conducted by the first-year student majoring in “Tourism” Lyzaveta Lyashchenko. In the pedestrian excursion “Back to the Past with Starobilsk” the group was acquainted with the most interesting historical objects of the city: the Ekaterininska Women’s Gymnasium; sculptural compositions dedicated to the heroes of the novel “Twelve Chairs”; memorial complex dedicated to the soldiers died during the Great Patriotic War, which is located in the city park and the chapel, built on the site, where until the 30s of the last century the Pokrovsky Cathedral was located.

Also, the excursion program included information about the most outstanding personalities who visited and lived in Starobilsk in different years. Participants of the excursion group heard interesting facts related to Starobilsk from the life of such famous personalities as: V.M. Garshin, N.I. Makhno, G.E. Langemac, V.A. Shafranovsky, I.A. Faynzilberg (literary pseudonym is Ilya Ilf) and E.P. Kataev (literary pseudonym is Evgen Petrov).

During the excursion, Lyzaveta Lyashchenko paid attention to the history of development and activity of Starobilsk merchants and fairs, which annually became the center of commercial life and the conclusion of contracts for millions by representatives of the local commercial elite with the trading houses of the Kharkiv province and the provinces of the central part of the Russian Empire.

At the end of the tour, the present asked Lyzaveta Lyashchenko questions about the history of the city and thanked for the interesting event and useful information.


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