Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Youth exchange

Representatives of the Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University took part in the youth exchange.

The teacher of the Department of Oriental Languages ​​of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Olena V. Kalashnik and the Chairman of the Student Government of the University Yaroslav Chepel took part in the youth exchange in Murjani, Latvia. The event was organized in the framework of the ERASMUS + Program and thanks to the organization “Creative Thought for Culture” (Latvia), which hosted this exchange, and the partner “Georgian Youth for Europe” (Georgia), Luhansk Regional Youth Organization “Start” (Ukraine), the district library of the town of Plange (Lithuania), the League of Voluntary Labor for Youth (Belarus).

Participation was possible thanks to the Luhansk regional youth organization “Start”, which was represented by six Luhansk activists, including representatives of our University.

The subject of the exchange is “Use your rights to respect others.” From 7 to 15 April, participants from 5 countries had the opportunity to learn more about democracy, human rights, the language of hatred and its eradication, about the culture and traditions of other countries, to learn the basic words of other languages ​​and simply enjoy communication with interesting people, exchange experiences and get positive impressions!

According to O.V. Kalashnik, at the event the participants got acquainted with local residents, visited the school, talked to their pupils, saw the outstanding places in Riga, tried traditional Latvian (and not only) dishes. Organizers were able to successfully combine learning in informal form and rest, for which we are very grateful to them! “It is impossible to describe those feelings that I received during participation in this exchange, because those knowledge and impressions are invaluable. Returning home, every member of our team already had an action plan, a plan that we will implement with pleasure, for we are for observing human rights, for equality and humanity,” – Olena Viktorivna noted.

In the future, the participants plan to present the ERASMUS + program and its opportunities for students of our University and youth of the city on the basis of the Window on America Information and Resource Center, so that as many people as possible know about the possibility of participating in such exchanges!


According to the teacher of the Oriental Languages ​​Department
O.V. Kalashnik

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