Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Excursion around Gogol places

The Faculty of Foreign Languages continues to to follow the tourist root dedicated to Gogol places.

On April 21, students and teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages made a trip around the most famous places of Poltava region. During the trip they got acquainted with the history, felt the folklore described in Gogols oeuvre, enjoyed the landscapes of Poltava region. The excursionists visited the Museum of the Ukrainian Wedding in Belyki Budystcha, mysterious and picturesque Dykan’ka village, Saint Nicolaus temple, Cotchubey oaks, Ttriumphal arc which is the only monument in Ukraine that covers the victory upon French in war in 1812. The open-air museum which is situated on the territory of the Gogol-Ianovsky Garden was also attended.

This excursion incorporated many of us: student from all the departments of our faculty, talented teachers, and active international students, too. The alumni were not indifferent to this excursion, so they don’t forget their beloved faculty after graduation. It is important to say that even the future students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages were also interested in this trip. They attended the preparation test dedicated to Independent Assessment Test, so we can insist that our faculty is part of their life, too.

All the participants got the energy boost, interesting time spent and positive emotions. Sunny weather, picturesque nature – that is all which promoted the happy duration of the excursion in a friendly warm atmosphere.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages unifies the young generation! We increase the power and strength!

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