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Decade of the profession

The Starobilsk branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education hosted a decade of the profession “Office employee (Accounting)”.

The decade of the profession “Office Employee (Accounting)” with subjects of mathematics and information technology was held in order to increase the interest in the profession “Office Employee (Accounting)” and stimulate the professional growth of teachers in the Starobilsk Branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education.

During the decade, teachers and masters of industrial training conducted open classes and extra-curricular activities for colleagues and students, during which they showed what professional skills the future skilled workers should possess.

The exhibition of posters opened the decade. Then the first-second year students were invited to the video training laboratory, where they got a lot of useful information on the examples of the office worker at various enterprises. Also within the framework of the decade, advertising and information safe was created, which contained a collection of presentations, videos, student booklets on the theme “My garden is the best.”

During the virtual game “Mathematical Kaleidoscope”, students had the opportunity to use the online service for testing and saving answers to the teacher’s mailbox. The blitz tournament “Accounting Problems” was devoted to the study of accounting, interesting facts of information technology and mathematics, where there was an interesting and relaxed atmosphere. Participants of the event were the first- and second-year students: “Experts” and “Clever persons”. The event consisted of several thematic sections: students’ reports “Interesting Facts”, competitions, presentations, recitations of poems on the topic “Accounting”.

In order to form students’ knowledge about adding algorithms for finding a percentage of the number and working out practical skills in Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets, an open, integrated lesson in mathematics and information technology “Algorithmizing Problems in Mathematics” was conducted. The educational material contributed to the education of curiosity, independence in the process of obtaining a strong knowledge and interest in the chosen profession.

Based on the results of the Round Table “Meeting of Generations” (the district center of the Starobilsk library), the participants concluded that an effectively organized accounting is one of the inalienable elements of the economy of any country. The “Meeting of Generations” carried the future perspective of the modern profession by an office employee (accounting) through an understanding of the close relationship of science-education-practice and is designed to create a sense of respect and honor for the chosen profession among the candidates of education.


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