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“Literary map of Luhansk region”

Students presented a popular scientific multimedia lecture “Literary map of Luhansk region” at the library of LTSNU.

Today one can hear the erroneous idea about the separation and isolation of border guards from the center, the uneven development of different regions of the country. Absence of significant external influences produce a discussion on the development of provincial territories according to their own laws. But the modern cultural views that actively exist among the population of our region, our vision of the literary map of the region is denied the idea that in the period of globalization, the information war, the situation in Ukraine is in a state of spiritual and economic crisis.

On April 19 at our library the second-year students majoring in “Ukrainian Language and Literature”, “Ukrainian Language and Literature. English Language and Literature” of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications, the second-year students “Primary Education. Ukrainian Language and Literature” of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology presented the popular science multimedia lecture “Literary Map of Luhansk Region”.

The idea of ​​creating a declared project with the integration of scientific and educational work arose during the literary and local lore practice, which students passed on the first course. The youth decided to popularize the literature of Luhansk region with original images of the written culture of Ukraine-Rus’ “Slovo o Polku Igoreve”, the works of B. Grinchenko and M. Zagirna, V. Dal, V. Sosiura, M. Rudenko, Tyutyunnik, V. Goloborodko, І. Svetlychnyi, І. Nizovoy, P. Belivoda, M. Senchilo, L. Yakimchuk, S. Zhadan.

The next stage of approbation of the results of literary and regional studies of students will be a discussion of their scientific reports at the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Luhansk Region: Local Lore Studies”, which was announced by our institution on April 24, 2018.

The dialogue of generations continues, – the students said, – this is only the beginning of their creative plans, there are still many interesting names that our land is proud of, and studies will not stop. Therefore the project “Literary Map of Luhansk Region” has just started …


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