Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Days of Science at the IEB

From April 5 to 11, 2018, Days of Science were held at all departments of the Institute of Economy and Business.

The following teachers of the IEB participated in the preparation and carrying out of the activities: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. A.N. Kolosov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. V.A. Chebotarev, Ph.D., Assoc. Y.A. Snitko, Ph.D., Assoc. N.A. Ryazanova, Ph.D., Assoc. N.N. Chebotareva, Ph.D., Assoc. I.A. Gnatenko, Ph.D., Assoc. V.V. Derkacheva, Ph.D., senior lecturer L.A. Zaitseva, senior lecturer O.I. Savchenko, senior lecturer N.A. Bykadorova, assistant I.N. Gontsova, assistant M.V. Matushkina, assistant A.S. Savchenko.

The students of the Department of Management prepared reports on the theme “Management and Administration”. The Department of Economic Theory, Marketing and Entrepreneurship heard the articles and theses of students on the topic “Formation of socially responsible entrepreneurship: theory and practice”. The Department of Finance, Accounting and Banking Work was organized in two sections “Development of finance, accounting and control in a chaotic structured economy” and “Economic and theoretical aspects of the financial and credit systems, banking and insurance.”

It should be noted the work of such students as: Asia Lysogor (“Features of venture financing in Ukraine”), Yelyzaveta Yakovenko (“Problems of formation of the state budget of Ukraine”), Yulia Ilchenko (“Prospects for green tourism development in Ukraine and Luhansk region”), Marina Ishchenko (“A creative city as a lever of creative economics development”), Yulia Melezhik (“Directions of improving management policies of the enterprise working capital”), Inna Salo and Anna Kotsur, whose work took the 8th place among 119 at the All-Ukrainian Contest of Student Scientific Works in marketing.

The reports presented by the students aroused interest and lively discussion among the participants. Most of the presented works have already been published in various editions, among which there are also magazines of Belarus. Writing scientific articles during the study in junior courses becomes the first step in a great science for students.

We wish all participants creative inspiration for further scientific work!


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