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Student Scientific-Practical Conference

On April 13, the Student Scientific-Practical Conference was held at the Department of Commodity Research, Commercial Business and Products Expertise.

VIII University Student Scientific-Practical Conference “Forming mechanisms for quality management and improving the competitiveness of goods and services” was held within the framework of Days of Science.

The conference was attended by teachers, guests, master students, first-fourth year students.

30 scientific reports were prepared with presentations on topics of the conference. The Scientific-Practical Conference was opened by: the Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technology and Tourism Viktor Drel, Head of the Department of Commodity Research, Commercial Business and Products Expertise L.I. Senogonova, teachers.

At the beginning of the conference, Viktor Drel told the audience about the achievements of our University at the 9th International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments -2018” and VII International Exhibition of Education Abroad “World Edu”. The University received the honorary title of “Leader of International Activities” and received the certificate “Quality of Scientific Publications”.

Olena Voronova, master student of the Department of Commodity Research, Commercial Business and Products Expertise was awarded with the honorary title “The Best Student of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”.

The conference was held in two stages: hearing and discussion of reports on the development of commodity research – as a way to safety and quality of goods. The XXI century is the century of high requirements to quality, safety of goods, services.

In the present conditions of trade development, a special role should be assigned to commodity science as a science that expands the range of goods, improves and develops their classification, and examines their quality and safety.

At the second stage, the practical skills of the student, the customs inspector, exercising customs control at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine were acquired. At the same time, students showed a high level of knowledge, culture and professionalism.

The conference was very active, well-founded answers were received to the questions posed by students and teachers.

It was noted the growth of scientific activity of students and the level of performance of works and presentations, indicates the growth of practical skills, scientific knowledge and worldview in the most important problems of commodity science.

The best reports of students were awarded with certificates in nominations and diplomas.

  • N.A. Antonova – the report “Commodity Examination of Aprons” (scientific adviser – Ph.D., Associate Professor N.V. Lysenko);
  • R.V. Basaley – the report “The Domestic Market of Vegetables” (scientific adviser – assistant A.A. Oreshina);
  • O.V. Voronova – the report “Identification Expertise of Half-Leather for the Top of Shoes” (scientific adviser – Ph.D., Associate Professor A.S. Brailko);
  • Olena Matvievska – the report “Problems of Development of a Social Enterprise in Ukraine” (scientific adviser – assistant I.I. Dultseva);
  • Sergienko – the report “Caloric Content of Food Products” (scientific adviser – assistant A.A. Oreshina);
  • Y.E. Solonar – the report “Vitamins in Food Composition” (scientific adviser – assistant A.A. Oreshina);
  • Ye.O. Bespala, V.Yu.Tkachenko – the report “Social Entrepreneurship as a Factor of Development of the Tourist Potential of the City of Starobelsk” (scientific adviser – assistant I.I. Dultseva);
  • Yu.Yu. Shcherbak – the report “Quality of Dairy Products” (scientific adviser – assistant A.A. Oreshina);
  • Tetiana Shematovych – the report “Review of the Main Modern Violations and Abuses in the Market of Food Products (scientific adviser – assistant V.S. Volodavchik).

The staff of the Department thanked the students for interesting and practical reports, for the active discussion and wished them success in carrying out further scientific research.


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