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Informational lecture

The students of the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics, Chemistry and Biochemistry conducted an informational lecture.

Thus, the 3rd year students of the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics, Chemistry and Biochemistry Daria Cherevata and Olesia Virchenko, under the direction of the senior lecturer of the Department I.G. Novosportseva organized and conducted an informational lecture on the fight against alcohol and tobacco smoking for students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, College of LTSNU and Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College.

Being healthy, people usually believe that they will always have good health, and various diseases are the lot of other weaker, disease-susceptible people. But such optimism cannot be considered justified, if we do not take preventive measures, without abandoning bad habits.

When a person first touches a cigarette, he does not think about the serious consequences that smoking can lead to. Careless about his health, a smoker considers himself invulnerable, especially since the consequences of smoking affect not immediately, but after a few years and depend on its intensity, the amount of cigarettes smoked, the depth of inhalation of tobacco smoke, and the duration of smoking.

Smoking and alcohol use adversely affect the human body. Everyone needs to understand this. Refuse from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is not so difficult. Sports activities, travel, lack of contacts with smokers and people who abuse alcohol will help get rid of this addiction and the threat of cancer, chronic bronchitis, cirrhosis and other diseases.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is an important national task. The duty of all people, every resident of our country is to contribute to its solution.


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