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Training seminar

The teachers of the ER IPP conducted a training seminar for their colleagues in the framework of the project “Forming Civil Competencies for Future Primary School Teachers”.

Thus, the teachers of the Department of Preschool and Primary Education and the Department of Philological Disciplines, which are active in various fields, took part in the training seminar on “Forming Civil Competencies for Future Primary School Teachers” on March 14-16 in the city of Irpin.

The purpose of the training was:

  • advanced training of higher education institutions,
  • training future trainers in the context of the development of civil competencies in Ukraine.

The idea was so inspired by the teachers that S.N. Bezborodikh, L.A. Varyanitsa, I.A. Grechishkina and A.V. Slobodyan held a training seminar “ABOUT THROUGH FOR DEMOCRACY” for their colleagues within the framework of this project.

During the training, the teachers exchanged views on the introduction of education for democratic citizenship and human rights in their courses. The conclusion of the training was that before you start to change others, you have to change yourself! The seminar was just the beginning.

A special role in the formation of the civil competence of students belongs to the teachers of the higher school of Ukraine, whose civil position not only permeates their social, scientific and pedagogical activities, but also influences simultaneously the formation of a scientific worldview and the development of the sense of citizenship.


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