Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

School of creative growth of teachers

In the Starobilsk branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education, another session of the School of creative growth of teachers of the institution took place in the form of a seminar.

During the lesson, teachers could analyze the role of the teacher’s professionalism in shaping the motivation for learning activities, developing the personality and creative potential of the student in the vocational school.

Motivation of learning activity is an integral and indispensable element of any lesson, because the main thing in pedagogical art is the ability to induce, not force. The theoretical part of the event was presented with a methodical digression into the treasury of technologies and techniques, lectures by the teachers on motivation under the motto “A person who does not know anything – can learn, it’s only to ignite the desire to learn.”

By the method of “unfinished sentences” and the exercise “simulates the situation”, the teachers of the School fixed the information through practical application.

We should know what motivation is, should be able to formulate the motivational part of the lesson in order to design and produce an effective lesson. Representatives of the groups alternately received an envelope with the task: “To create a motivation for the lesson …” in different subjects and presented to the attention fragments of the lessons of the motivation stage.

In order to stimulate the professional growth of teachers, encouraging them to seek innovative approaches to learning, as well as developing lessons, electronic teaching materials, interactive presentations, posters using an interactive whiteboard, a master class was held. As a conclusion, the use of modern teaching aids creates prerequisites for a rapid improvement of the results and quality of education. The use of ICTs in the classroom will help students become interested; the educational material will be given in paints, with sound or other effects in order to intensify the process of learning the material.


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