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Scientific conference

On March 29 the scientific conference “War in the Donbas in the Mirror of the Mass Consciousness of the Inhabitants of the Region” took place at the University.

The event was organized by the Department of Philosophy and Sociology, which has been working on the project “Mass Consciousness in the Zone of Military Conflict in the Donbas”, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, for the third year.

During the conference, the staff of the Department presented the first results of field research, which he had been working on for the past year. For the first time in the domestic sociology in the zone of military conflict, a weekly information panel was held throughout the year. Scientists now understand that residents of the free territory of Luhansk region receive the main information in most cases from three sources: TV, Internet and personal communication.

Students majoring in “Sociology” acted as interviewers. Anastasia Alekseeva, Eugen Bozhko, Inessa Safronova and Daria Cherevata made informative reports about their work during the field stage of the project.

During the conference, the winners of the First stage of the All-Ukrainian Sociologic Olympiad were awarded: Daria Cherevata (1st place), Anastasia Sergienko (2nd place), Volodymyr Orachov (3rd place).


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