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Powerlifting marathon

The multi-day powerlifting marathon ended in the Carpathian Kolomyia.

Within two weeks, three All-Ukrainian competitions were held in sports complex “Lokomotyv”: the Ukrainian Bench Press Championship, the Ukrainian Classic Bench Press Championship and the 30th jubilee Ukrainian Powerlifting Championship.

Competitions were qualifying for participation in international competitions in 2018. Therefore, more than 500 powerlifters gathered from all over Ukraine to compete for licenses. It is nice that the sportsmen of Luhansk region did not stay aside and once again confirmed that they are among the strongest for today.

For example, the teacher of the Sports Disciplines Department of the ER IPES, the master of sports of Ukraine Mykhailo Shapovalov until the last approach tried to defend his title of the champion in 2016 and 2017 in the bench press in the weight category up to 120 kg. However, this time the result of 315 kg, which is the fulfillment of the standard of the master of sports of international class, brought our athlete a silver award.

Among the women in this exercise, the CMSU Tetiana Kuleshova (w / c 57 kg) and the CMSU Yulia Grygorenko (63 kg) won the competition. Yulia Grigorenko also received “gold” in the 72 kg weight category among juniors.

In the classic bench press, two of our athletes were licensed to participate in international competitions. Mykhailo Shapovalov again finished second in the w/c 120 kg (227.5 kg), losing only to the champion. And a graduate of the Master’s degree in 2018 majoring in “Sports” (Institute of Physical Education and Sports of LTSNU) MSIC Serhii Parkhomenko became the champion of Ukraine with a record result of the competition 235.5 kg in the w/c 105 kg. This result provided him with the first place in the absolute superiority among all participants. And the men’s team took the third stage in the team classification.

The multiple medalist of the World and European Championships, the MSUIC Hanna Kadatska coped with the barbell weighing 92.5 kg and confidently won in the category up to 57 kg among women. This result was the third in the absolute superiority.

Polina Kocherova (the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology) won in the weight category over 84 kg among juniors.

The greatest success was achieved by our girls who became Ukrainian champions in the team event. Krystyna Leonenko, Natalia Cheremenko and Kateryna Kupaieva took the first place in their weight categories, Olena Shatalova became the second. In addition, Natalia Cheremenko (Starobilsk) became the absolute champion of Ukraine in the classic bench press among girls. At her own weight of 46.24 kg, Natalia managed to overcome 70 kg. This result is a new record of Ukraine. Kateryna Kupaieva took the third place.

But everyone was looking forward to the performance of the triathlonists. The day before, the results of the performances of Ukrainian powerlifters at the international competitions of 2017 were summed up. According to the results in the “top ten” of the best athletes and coaches of Ukraine were: the teacher of the Department of Sports Disciplines HMSU Dmytro Semenenko, HMSU Volodymyr Rysev, MSUIC Mykola Barannik and the head of the Department of Sports Disciplines HCU S.M. Galii.

Luhansk Regional Powerlifting Federation was recognized as the best regional unit of the PFU.

As for competitions, the MSUIC Mykola Barannik, graduate of the Master’s degree in 2018 majoring in “Sports”, confidently came out in a new weight category for himself up to 83 kg and finished second losing only to the bronze medalist of the World Games of 2017 Andrii Nanyev (Kyiv).

The Silver medalist of the World Games HMSU Volodymyr Rysev had no equal in the heavier w / c up to 93 kg. The MSU Volodymyr Dubovoi stopped here in a step from the pedestal.

Among the women, Yelyzaveta Skoryk became the second in the w / c 63 kg, and Maryna Kovaliova took the third place in the weight category up to 72 kg.

The athletes are trained by the coaches, who work, received and are educated in the Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. Among the coaches are O.V. Dubovoi, A.V. Ivzhenko, G.V. Kadatska, A.M. Urban, V.M. Urban.

Head of the Department of Sports Disciplines,
Chairman of the Powerlifting Federation of Luhansk region
S.M. Galii

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