Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Training for students

Recently, a three-day training session with the participation of the Youth Contact Group supported by OSCE PCU was held on the basis of Window on America_Starobilsk for students of the ER IHIRSPS.

The training was conducted within the framework of the project “Dialogue Through Non-Formal Education”. The trainers Uliana Yegorova and Volodymyr Sokolovsky “pumped” young people on such pressing topics as “Critical Thinking”, “Conflict-Free Communication” and “Project Management”.

“First of all, we talked about the skills of critical thinking and media literacy,” the coaches noted. They also said that it is important to realize what affects the quality of our thinking, and get rid of templates. Possession of the technique of conflict-free communication in the modern world is necessary for everyone. Awareness of this will make it possible not only to develop oneself, but also to build a strong and conscious society.

During the training participants could change their attitude towards others, come to mutual understanding. Trainers made efforts to communication of youth became more constructive, and professional contacts were more effective. Participants also learned how to develop projects, set goals and objectives.

Young people, who took part in the event, noted the incredible atmosphere that prevailed during the training. The students drew attention to the fact that the age of the coaches helped in its creation. The third-year student majoring in “Social Work” Iryna noted that all topics of the training were very relevant. This allowed reflecting on how the acquired skills will be used in everyday life and in professional activities.

The organizers of the training were the teachers of our University, in particular Kateryna Ignatenko and Kateryna Kotelenets. They hope that this is not the last visit of the OSCE Youth Contact Group in Starobilsk. They are sure, that many joint projects will be held in the future in order to help young people to become more active and create the future of their city and the country as a whole!


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