Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Winter Championships

On March 18, the Winter Championships was held among the strongest volleyball teams of the Starobilsk district.

The student team of our University “Univer” participated in the championships. This is not the first start for our team in the district competitions. Therefore, at this championship, “Univer” was one of the candidates for the first place.

Our volleyball players began their way to the sports peak in the group “A”, where also were the teams of Chmyrovka village and the Ministry of Emergencies. In our group, our players played confidently. In the first match they defeated the Ministry of Emergency Situations with a score of 2:0, and then with the same score they defeated the Chmyrovka team and entered the final four.

In the first match in the final, the rival of our team was volleyball team from the village of Polovinkino. The team is balanced; they have experienced players, as well as promising young people. The games against them have always been intense. This match was not an exception. There was a a sharp struggle on the playing ground. The parties ended only with an advantage of two points in favor of Univer. The total score was 2: 0. This victory brought our volleyball players to play for the first place.

The rival in the main final of our team were volleyball players of Gorgaz. At the final match, the team “Univer” had the following starting lineup: Danylo Pysanyi and Bohdan Ruzhyn (CLNU), Tetiana Kulinchenko and Bohdan Shevchenko (FNS), Yevgen Masliev (ER ICSTT), Yevgen Ivanchuk (future FNS student), libero of the team – Daria Zadorozhnia (ERIEB)  and Yurii Shcherbak (ER ICSTT). The first game was too easy for our volleyball players – 19:7. Such an easy victory adversely affected the game in the second game. Players acted sluggishly, made mistakes both in attack and in defense. The opponent used it and won the game with a score of 19:17. The third game in this match was final. Our players acted actively, it was felt that there was a team spirit. As a result it was a victory with a score of 15:7 in favor of our players. Having won the game with a score of 2:1, the team “Univer” became the winter champion of the Starobilsk district.


Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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