Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Invaluable Experience

A four-year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages is grateful to her native university for the invaluable experience she gained during the scholarship program.

Svitlana Kopalenko is a student of the specialty “Chinese and English Language and Literature”. According to the scholarship program she came to China and was studying there for two semesters.

“Frankly speaking, I’ve dreamed about living in China for some time, studying the Chinese language, understanding the culture and traditions. According to the program participants distribution I was the only one for this city. When I arrived I was not disappointed but glad that it happened. This city has a population of about 8000000 people, there are not many of foreigners and especially the Russian-speaking there. So, every day I practice the English and Chinese languages”, – told Svitlana.

The girl has already been studying for the fourth year at the university of Wenzhou. It is quite big but it has few foreigners. It trains the specialists of two directions: “International Economy and Trade” and “Marketing”. Also there are Chinese language courses. Every semester the courses are supplemented with new and very interesting subjects such as “Newspaper Reading and Studying Chinese Language and Poetry”. They have three groups (of 10 – 20 persons), each semester students receive scholarship (in the amount of education fees).

Because of the situation in Ukraine, Svitlana couldn’t come back home for summer. The university treated with understanding and assisted her with visa processing. And on September 1 the girl received scholarship.

When studying in China, the student took an active part in the university life. Once a semester the university holds a big event (everyone shows talents – dance or Chinese songs). Besides, once a semester it organizes for students free excursion to the other city. And those students who know English well hold classes for the Chinese students twice a week (usually these are watching a movie, different games and competitions aimed at spoken language development).

“Chinese language courses are very useful and I am sure my Chinese level is much better now tan half a year ago, – told the girl. – I do like that teachers often give hometasks need to be done in groups. So, we communicate in Chinese. There are exams in the end of each semester and after then we obtain education papers with our grades. The exams are not very difficult and the teachers help us to prepare.”

The vacations in Chinese last for a month, that one with the Chinese New Year. At this time students can travel around China and not only that.

“I like travelling very much and when I have a chance I go to some new city, – tells Svitlana. – China is a very big and beautiful country and one need a lot of time to see it all. I am grateful to Confucius Institute, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University and personally to Vitalii Semenovych Kurylo for a chance to study here. These are the unforgettable impressions and invaluable experience.”

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