Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

In The Field of Art and Arts Education

Research and practice conference “Creative Search in the Field of Art and Arts Education: Traditions, Modernity and Possibilities” was held in Kreminna.

What can make person defer everyday things, overcome many kilometers of heavy and dangerous road, neglect household and financial difficulties? What can help him not to think about the difficulties of the war in our land and to see the world in bright colors of a dream? The answers may be different but people who have felt that extraordinary gladness caused by art can’t exchange it for anything else.

The answer is obvious for the students and teachers of the Department of Choreography and Department of Fine Art and Professional Skills of the Institute of Culture and Arts of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

On a sunny day, April 6, in the City of Kreminna where the Department of Choreography holds its classroom-based training, there was the research and practical conference “Creative Search in the Field of Art and Arts Education: Traditions, Modernity and Possibilities”. The conference was arranged also by the Department of Fine Art and Professional Skills where the students and teachers presented their articles and abstracts of different artistic directions. The event is traditional: it is the tenth conference but it is the first time when it was out of native walls.

Nevertheless, they managed to keep the format (plenary session, section work, reports of teachers, master’s students and students on different research directions). Besides, the conference was attended by the guests – the students and teachers of Luhansk State Academy of Culture and Arts (who also work in Kreminna now) and pupils of children’s art school from the city of Rubizhne. There were the students and teachers from the cities of Berdiansk and Rovno among the conference participants as well.

This is a dance that is so loved for people who have connected their lives with choreography. So, the outstanding interest was caused by the show of modern (the trainer is D.O. Fomin) and folk-stage (the trainer is I. Yu. Yefremov) dances. The event participants watched the performance of jazz, jazz-modern, hip-hop and bar exercises, virtuosic moves and staged works of the final years students, prepared for the state exams and a lot of other things. It was pleasant that guests were not just viewers at the conference but they were involved to some compositions.

By all accounts, the students presented the high level of choreography skill and this proves that love for your work, self-discipline and self-improvement is a ticket to success even in such nonstandard conditions our collective is in now. In short, do not give up, and we will overcome.

Serhii Mykolaichuk

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