Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The poetry reading contest

The University hosted a contest of expressive reading of poems by Taras Shevchenko.

A real festive action for the institution of higher education was the contest of readers of the Shevchenko’s poetry, which took place on March 5 in the reading room of the university library. This contest opened a program of events for the traditional Shevchenko Week. The participants of the event gathered today to celebrate the memory of the great son of the Ukrainian people with the poetry of the famous Kobzar, whose work was and remains an inexhaustible treasure trove of folk wisdom.

The contest of expressive reading provided for two stages. At the first stage, the participants presented a pre-prepared expressive recitation of the poetry by Taras Shevchenko, selected by heart, at the second stage – they read the poem offered by the competitive commission impressively.

The contest was judged by the competent jury composed of the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksandr Meniailenko, the Dean of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications Tetyana Pinchuk and the senior lecturers of the Ukrainian Literature Department Iryna Boytsun and Svitlana Negodyayeva.

Those present felt the pleasure of communicating with the immortal word of the great Kobzar of the Ukrainian people – Taras Shevchenko.

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications, the Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College, the College of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University took part in the competition. Participants showed the ability to expressively read Kobzar’s works, transmit the author’s idea, showed acting skills.

Places of winners are distributed as follows:

  • I place – Anastasia Gorban (FUPSC)
  • II place – Andrii Zarchenko (FNS)
  • III place – Anna Shevchenko (IPP), Liliya Astanina (SHPC).

Poetry, which came from the stage, once again reminded those present that the poet’s anxiety for the future of Ukraine and the passionate desire for a happy life for the whole nation became the basis of his unusual foresight, thanks to which he was recognized as a national prophet.

The contest of readers of Shevchenko’s poetry is a holiday of spring, beauty, creativity, skill and talent of gifted students of our University and painstaking work of teachers-philologists who cherish in us love for the native word.


Maryna Chumakova, Press Center of LTSNU

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