Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The best student

The honorary title “The Best Student of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University” was awarded to Olena Voronova.

Every year, traditionally, on the occasion of the anniversary of the foundation of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, they chose the best student who, with hard work and scientific achievements, glorifies the name of his native Alma Mater. This year the master student of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism Olena Voronova was recognized as the best student.

Olena is actively engaged in research and is involved in competitions and conferences of various levels. In 2017 she participated in the international youth forum “Awake, Conscious Consumer” at Kyiv National Trade and Economic University. She developed an algorithm for conducting an identification examination of half-leather for the top of the shoe and clarified the issue of matching its name, purpose and code in accordance with the Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity specified by the manufacturer in the shipping documents. According to the results of the sectoral competitive commission of the first round of the All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Works Contest on the branches of knowledge and specialties in the academic year 2017-2018, from the goods science and food technologies, won first place.

In addition, she took part in in the development of patents of Ukraine for a utility model on complex theme of the Department “Research and development of innovative functional products for special purposes”. These documents are prepared for submission.

On the day of the foundation of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, the best student of the University wishes teachers creative inspiration, fruitful work and grateful students.

We are proud of our students who, thanks to their initiative and hard work, honorably continue the glorious traditions of the oldest institution of higher education in Donbas.


Maryna Chumakova, Press Center of LTSNU

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