Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Sports pride of the University: the path to victory

A student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences won prizes in the Ukrainian Athletics Championships.

The 1st-year student majoring in “Ecology” Kateryna Koval aged 17 recently returned from the Ukrainian Athletics Championships, which was held in the city of Sumy. She took part in two races in age categories – among juniors and among adults and youth, receiving two silver medals.

She told our Press Center about how the she had managed to bypass the participants from all over Ukraine her hard path to victory.

  • Hello, Kateryna! Congratulations on getting awards and recognizing your athletic abilities. Thank you for agreeing to tell us about your path to victory.

Good afternoon! Thank you for your congratulations! I love sports, because sport is my life! I found myself in it. During training, the body and spirit are tempered, which is so necessary for life. Therefore, it is important for me to promote sports among young people.

  • Two silver medals at the Ukrainian Championships. At what price did you win them? Tell us about how you prepared for the competition.

The price is a systematic preparation of the body. I train twice a day as a whole for 5-6 hours. I start with a warm-up, during which the muscles of the whole body are warmed up so as not to be injured during further intensive loads. Then I run at different rates.

  • Who is your coach and where is the training?

Constantly I train in the sports complex “Metallurg” in Bahmut. I study with professional trainers Tatyana Serorez, Oleksii Krivoshanov and Igor Skirda, who help to distribute the load, establish the intensity and mode of training. This allowed preparing physically and emotionally for the competition.

  • What was the most difficult for you during the competitions?

For me, competition is first an opportunity to demonstrate yourself and see the possibilities of others. At the Ukrainian Athletics Championship, I was confident in my abilities, because I regularly trained and listened to the advice of coaches. Moreover, these are not my first competitions, so the excitement, of course, was present, but it could not affect the result.

  • In what other competitions did you take part and what was their result?

In the Ukraine Championships – 2016 in the category of juniors and won gold. After the last Championship, I took part in competitions of the Cup of Ukraine in track and field athletics. Only the best sportsmen in the rating of winter competitions in Sumy had the right to participate in it. I was lucky to enter this rating, and I took 3rd place at a distance of 800 m.

  • What are your plans for the future?

Now I am preparing for the Summer World Athletics Championships, and then life will show.

  • We wish you victories in further competitions. Let each of them bring you pleasure.

The pride of our University – students, who become an example for future generations, despite the obstacles, force to move forward, achieve the goal and self-realization.


Maryna Chumakova, Press Center of LTSNU

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