Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Football is my love”

The futsal tournament under the slogan “Football is my love”, dedicated to the Day of Lovers, was held at the University. 

Thirteen teams of colleges, lyceums, faculties and institutes were fighting for an honorable prize. At the first stage, the teams were divided into four groups, where they determined their winners. Then the winners of the groups played the Cup of the University Administration of the tournament “Football is my love”.

In the “A” group, representatives of the Educational and Research Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences were considered as a favorite team. First, in the first game, they beat the young players of RCVE-1 of Starobilsk branch with a score of 6-2; in the second match, they beat the second team of College of LTSNU with a score of 4-0. By the way, the College of Luhansk National University announced three teams for the tournament, and they all showed quite a good game. Their first team played in the final match.

In group “B” there were four teams; and the only ticket to the final four was played between the RCVE-2 and ERIPP-2. Prior to that, they outplayed their opponents from CLNU-2 and ERIHRSPS-2. The beginning of the match was intriguing. During the first minute of the match RCVE-2 comes forward, but it was not possible to develop its success more. But their opponents forced them to start the game from the center of the field four times. The score was 4:1 in favor of ERIPP-2.

The most spectacular and dramatic football game was shown by the teams, which got into the group “B”. Players of these teams are experienced; they participated not only in the university competitions.

In the first match of this group, there were old rivals of “FNS-1” – “Old-ICSTT”. Earlier, the victory was celebrated by the players of ICSTT. And this time fortune did not turn away from them. They were the first to open the account, Denis Mordovtsev scored on 1 minute. They owned the ball more and brought the match to its logical conclusion, beating the opponent with a score of 4:2.

The second was the game of ERIPP-1-SK against the Faculty of Natural Sciences – 1. Both teams showed a good game. Before the start of the game, the team “ERIPP-SK” was considered as the favorite. But the game has refuted all predictions. The first half was completely behind the combined team, but it was not possible to turn the game advantage into an assist. The goalkeeper of the Faculty Artem Gurtovoy defended the last line excellently. The second half was somewhat similar to the first. But the main difference is that the “FNS-1” began to more skillfully counterattack, and as a result, the reward for this game was four goals scored against the goal of “ERIPP-SK”, defended by Petro Yaroshenko. The score of the game was 4:2 in favor of “FNS-1”.

In the final match the teams “ERIPP-SK” – “Old-ICSTT” met in the group. Numerous fans have witnessed an exciting duel from the first to the last minute. After losing in the first game, “ERIPP-SK” changed the tactical picture of the game. The experienced player Dmytro Zinchenko came on the edge of the attack, who significantly enlivened the attacking actions of the team, which ultimately affected the result. Quick play in the attack and reliable defense of Oleksandr Sylkin and Oleksii Podybailo, and they got such a desirable result for the team. The victory with the score of 3:0 and the final four.

In group “D” the futsal players of the first team of the LTSNU College played confidently. First, they defeated FNS-2 with a score of 6:1, and then beat the team of ERICSTT with a score of 4:0. They also became participants in the final four of the tournament “Football is my love”.

In the first match of the opposition of “historians” against “ERIPP-SK”, the intrigue existed only in the first half. “Historians” desperately fought and scored on the opponent’s goal. The final account is 6:4 in favor of ERIPP-SK.

The match ERIPP-2 against CLNU-1 differed. The advantage was on the side of the College futsal players, who already in the first half issued a ticket to the final game, winning it with a score of 4:1. In the last minute of the second half, Mykhailo Shamrykha set the final score 5:1, and in the final CLNU plays against “ERIPP-SK”.

The teams of ERIHIRSPS-1 and ERIPP-2 played in the match for the third place. “Historians” were the first to open an account, Pavlo Lyashko scored on 3 minute, then he scored one more on 10 minute, and this is the whole baggage of the team’s goals in this fight. “IPP” opened the first goal already in the sixth minute, and then six more times forced the opponents to start the game from the center of the field. The final whistle was recorded 7:2 in favor of “ERIPP-2”. And this is the third place.

The finale was Extremely interesting and dramatic. Youth CLNU-1 played against experienced players “ERIPP-SK.” The team CLNU-1 had more sympathy among the fans. With this support, they started the game more actively. Daniel Negodenko scored on the tenth minute, and Mykhailo Shamrykha scored a free-kick at the end of the half. The first time ended with a score of 2:0 in favor of CLNU-1.

But the experienced players Dmytro Zinchenko and Oleksandr Sylkin started good playing in the second half. This situation has somewhat affected the game condition of the youth, they were more pressed and paid for it. Already in the fifth minute, Oleksandr Sylkin scored for the second time and displays “ERIPP-SK” forward. But the combined team could not keep the victory in regular time. Six minutes before the end of the game, the balance was restored by Mykhailo Shamrykha with an accurate blow to the top corner of the goal. This was the fifth goal by Mykhailo, and be became the best scorer of the tournament. The match ended with a score of 3: 3. In order to determine the winner the teams punched three six-meter strike. The futsal players of “ERIPP-SK” coped better, three hits – three goals. Representatives of CLNU managed to hit the gates twice. The overall score of the match was 6:5 in favor of “ERIPP-SK”. They also became the owners of the tournament cup “Football is my love”. The best player was Dmytro Zinchenko, the team “ERIPP-SK”.


Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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