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The action dedicated to the International Mother Language Day

On February 21, the Faculty of Natural Sciences held an action dedicated to the International Mother Language Day.

The history of the holiday is sad. In 1952, in Bangladesh, which since 1947 became the region of Pakistan, they shot a demonstration of students. Demonstrators demanded that the Bengali language be recognized as a state language. The protests that occurred subsequently led to the fact that in 1971 Bangladesh became an independent state. So, winning the rights of the language, people got more – the state. In Ukraine, this holiday people began to celebrate since 2002.

The native language is the language that is first learned by a child and remains understandable for life. The native language is considered to be the language of the nation, the language of the ancestors, which connects man with his people, with previous generations, their spiritual achievements.

The students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences also joined the celebration of the International Mother Language Day to emphasize that the language is the soul of the nation, its genetic code. Within the framework of the action, the university administration, staff, and students of the university were asked to answer the question: “What does your native language mean to you?”. Based on the results of the flashmob, materials were collected and a video was produced. Each participant of the action received symbolic stickers.

Let us all remember that language is an important factor in the self-determination of the nation, a reliable basis for the development of the country. Let the mother’s word be an amulet for all of us.


According to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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