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Honoring the memory of Heavenly Hundred Heroes

The thematic event dedicated to the Memorial Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes took place.

The Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism with the purpose of honoring the memory of patriots who laid down their lives for a free and prosperous country, held a thematic event – “They gave up life for Ukraine”.

At the beginning of the event, the Director of the Institute V.F. Drill and his deputy M.M. Chumak addressed the teachers and students of the subdivision. They said about the unity of our country and stressed that we are all Ukrainians and nothing can break our spirit and freedom. After the speech, all those present observed a minute of silence in memory of the killed patriots.

In memory of those killed in the Maidan in February 2014, students recited poems dedicated to the fate of the Heroes. Courageous sons of Ukraine in peacetime gave their lives for a free, independent, European power! Those present also watched the video, where on Maidan all Ukraine said goodbye to their Heroes. Then they talked about the Heroes who, after the events on the Maidan, began a struggle against the aggressor who encroached on the independence and integrity of our country. Bogdan O. Zinchenko, Oleksandr M. Liverin, Roman V. Verbetskiy, Ivan V. Kulish and other fellow countrymen who died in the ATO zone were recalled with pain in the heart.

The head of the Department of Ukrainian History Oleksandr Naboka attended the event. In his lecture, the Professor told the students about the main events that took place from February 18 to 20, 2014. Separately he focused on the reasons that led to the Maidan, and its consequences for Ukraine and the entire civilized world.

The end of the event was carried out under the hymn of Ukraine, which once again reminded us for what we should fight for!


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