Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка


A meeting-requiem dedicated to the Memorial Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes took place in the Educational and Research Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies. 

Four years passed from the events that changed the country and the life of every Ukrainian. Loss, pain and war broke out into our lives. February 2014 was imprinted in the historical memory of our people forever. Students and teachers gathered to surrender their heads in tribulation before the memory of people of different ages who were killed in the peaceful, civilized time of the 21st century. People who were not indifferent to the future of their country.

As usual, the meeting began with the Ukrainian anthem. Then the students Alina Kalashnikova and Vira Solovyova talked about those terrible events. With the help of documentary films, the meeting participants had the opportunity to plunge into the events of February 2014, and to look at them through the eyes of prominent Ukrainian figures. The event continued with the memoirs of Oleg Korotosh, the Ukrainian writer, poet, representative of the 90-year generation in contemporary literature. Then they watched the video of Olena Gerasimyuk, the poet, essayist, author of the collection “Deafness”, laureate of the Smoloskip prize. This young and brave woman actively participated in the events on the Maidan. She noted that irresponsible treatment of oneself, one’s relatives, and the country could lead to terrible consequences.

Yulia Velichko read a poem about the responsibility of each of us for the future of Ukraine.

Then came the turn of memories of Miroslav Layuk, Ukrainian poet, writer and playwright. The stories about the deceased heroes were especially memorable to those present. The students and teachers of the Institute paid tribute to the memory of those killed on Independence Square with a minute of silence.

But life goes on and we must do everything necessary to ensure that these victims are not in vain. And as the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted, the appeal of which was listened to by students: “The new European country is the main monument of Heavenly Hundred Heroes”. It was the indifference and responsibility to future generations that helped Heavenly Hundred Heroes to protect the European future of Ukraine. We hope that we will have enough strength and will to create this “main monument”.


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