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Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes

On February 20, the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology marked the Memorial Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

At 11.30, the photo exhibition “They Keep the Sky” and the book exhibition on the events of the Revolution of Dignity 2014 were opened; at 12.30 students and teachers watched the movie “Winter Which Changed Us”.

The Director of the Institute O. Karaman and the Director of the University Scientific Library M. Pochinkova addressed the audience.

The Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes is a memorable day, which is marked in Ukraine on February 20 in honor of the feat of the participants of the Revolution of Dignity and perpetuation of the memory of Heavenly Hundreds Heroes.

The memorial day was established by the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on February 11, 2015 in order to perpetuate human, civil and national courage and selflessness, strength of spirit and perseverance of citizens, thanks to which the course of the history of our state worthy of honoring the heroic deed of Heavenly Hundreds Heroes who gave their lives during the Revolution of Dignity (November 2013 – February 2014), defending the ideals of democracy, defending human rights and freedoms, the European future of Ukraine.

On this day in 2014 during the Euro-Revolution, the power units of the Yanukovych regime shot protesters on the Institute Street in Kyiv. About 100 people died, dozens of people were missing and injured. This Hundred and became Heavenly … The day of February 20 was a turning point in the course of the events of the Revolution of Dignity.

According to the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, one of the main driving forces of the revolution was the Ukrainian students, who assumed responsibility for the future of the state and acted as the organizing force of revolutionary events. In addition to students, football fans acted as the driving force of the revolution – as one of the most organized youth groups. The result of their joint statement was the reconciliation between the support groups of individual football clubs.

In general, representatives of different nationalities and different strata of the Ukrainian population from all regions of Ukraine participated in the protests.

Whatever words were addressed to the Maidan participants, the main thing is that they wanted a better future for Ukraine. They began the process of spiritual reorganization of the nation and handed over the baton to us.

All we can do now is to make sure that the sacrifice of these Ukrainians is not in vain.

February 20 became for us forever a memorable day – the Day of Heavenly Hundreds Heroes. However, today it is worth remembering all those who gave their lives in recent years, defending the independence and integrity of Ukraine in battles. And to remember further, always, at least in order to prevent anything like this in the future. After all, these events have cleared up a lot, opened many eyes, put everything in its place. If we take advantage of this experience, we can really build an independent and prosperous country.

Thank you, Heroes of Ukraine! You will always remain in our hearts …


According to the Educational and Research
Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

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