Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

A Session in Sievierodonetsk

A session of the Committee on science and education of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was held on April 2 in Sievierodonetsk.

The meeting was dedicated to the educational needs of different categories citizens in relation to the holding anti-terrorist operation. Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University was represented by the delegation including: Acting Rector Serhii Savchenko, director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Olena Karaman, Head of Trade Union Organization of university teachers and employees Serhii Sevriuk.

The meeting was participated by the people’s deputies of Ukraine – the Committee members: Liliia Hrynevych (the Chair), Oleksandr Spivakovskyi, Taras Kremen; Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Pavlo Polianskyi, the Chair of Luhansk Regional State Administration Hennadii Moskal, workers of the Committee Secretariat, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Central Committee of Trade Union of workers of education and science of Ukraine, Luhansk Regional Military and Civil Administration, Luhansk Regional Institute of Continuing Pedagogical Education, the heads of head offices and departments of education of city councils and district state administrations, directors of preschool, comprehensive, nonschool, vocational and higher educational establishments of Luhansk region.

The educational needs of the following categories of the citizens were discussed during the meeting: children who are at the liberated territories with destroyed educational infrastructure; children and students of the universities and vocational educational establishments from amongst the internally displaced people; school leavers from the occupied territories intended to enter the Ukrainian universities and pass ZNO (external independent evaluation); ATO veterans who need additional education or requalification and so on.

The university delegation announced the problems of different categories citizens and higher educational establishments which are at the ATO zone and suggested possible solutions. The main of them are: abuse of the equal rights of higher education access of applicants from the occupied and front-line territories; complications connected with the accreditation procedure of training directions (specialties) in higher educational establishments under evacuation conditions; discrepancy of the existing laws and regulations of education process to the new Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” and complications of its implementation; risk of reducing vocational schools due to impossibility to replace training and production facilities from ATO zone, etc.

In its turn, the Committee paid attention to the necessity of solving the following problems: construction and renovation of the educational establishments and their material and technical resources; providing steady transport for children and teacher to the place of work and study; problems of food supply and children’s health condition; review of legal documents to simplify the reporting system; obtaining documents on education; licensing and accreditation procedures of the educational establishments which are evacuated from the temporary occupied territory of Ukraine or are in the front line; improving work on the psychological and social rehabilitation of children from anti-terrorist operation zone; completion of the work on solving problems connected with the preparation of state final examination and external independent evaluation for school leavers from the ATO zone and so on.

During the meeting the Committee transferred to school libraries the books from the Presidential Envoy on peaceful regulation of the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, people’s deputy of Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko, gathered on the initiative of State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine, State Joint Stock Company “Ukrainian Publishing and Printing Association” and the International Charitable Foundation “Health of Future”. Association “Znanie” presented books as well.

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