Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Meeting of students in the ER IPMIT

On February 6, students met with the directorate in the Educational and Research Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies.

At the beginning of the semester, students, teachers and administration of the Institute met together to discuss plans for the future.

The Director of the Institute Hennadii Mohylnyi congratulated everyone on the successful end of the first semester and noted that a lot of tasks were put before the students and teachers. The Director devoted most of his speech to the directions of the work of the ER IPMIT for the next semester, namely: the need to intensify the scientific work and work of student scientific societies. For this purpose, self-study groups will be established at the institute, where students under the guidance of teachers will have the opportunity to study independently selected topics. He also drew attention to the need to increase the academic performance and more active participation of students of the Institute in the life of the University.

The Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Volodymyr Donchenko briefly summed up the results of the exam and test session, brought to the attention of students the schedule of the educational process for the second semester, paying attention to the organization of the work of practitioners.

The Deputy Director for Social and Humanitarian Work Volodymyr Matievsky told the students about the events scheduled for February: Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes, Day of the State Emblem, etc. He reminded the students of the rights and obligations regarding living in the hostel, the observance of the regime, sanitary and hygienic rules of residence, the organization of work of the student hostel council, the students’ duty schedules; observance of terms of payment for residing, the organization of fire safety both at training, and during residing in the hostel.

The directorate and teachers of the Institute wish the students success in their studies, development of creative potential and quality leisure.

According to the information of the IPMIT

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