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Defense of master’s works

On January 29, 2018, the defense of master’s works of specialties 241 “Hotel and Restaurant Business” and 242 “Tourism” took place. The defense of master’s works was conducted publicly.

Students showed good knowledge during the defense of master’s works in the specialty “Tourism”. The theoretical material is mastered at the proper level; the scientific research is carried out, the results are analyzed and formalized, conclusions and practical recommendations are formulated. The students demonstrated the ability to give examples, explain the results, that confirms the profound knowledge on the topic of scientific research.

Graduates are adequately prepared for practical work. Substantial answers to questions, the level of scientific research confirm this.

During the defense of master’s works in the specialty “Hotel and Restaurant Business”, students demonstrated the ability to: conduct complex marketing research and determine market opportunities for the development of hotel and restaurant enterprises, prospective target segments of consumers; substantiate effective commodity, price, sales, communication policies; to model service and production processes of hotel and restaurant facilities; to generate the output data for the design of the enterprises of hotel and restaurant facilities; to develop a spatial solution of the institution in accordance with the model of its work, regulatory requirements, modern presentation and design concepts; to develop a feasibility study for the project and assignments for the design of the hotel and restaurant facilities.

The results of the defense showed that the students had learned the theoretical material at the proper level and carried out experimental studies, analyzed and formalized the results, formulated conclusions and practical recommendations.

In general, the results of the defense for the education and qualification level “Master” of full-time and part-time forms of education indicate that students mastered the necessary knowledge in special disciplines.

The Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business congratulates graduates on their successful defense!


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