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Defense of final qualification works

January 29-30, 2018, the defense of final qualification works of students of full-time and part-time forms of education was held in the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism.

The chairman of the Examination Committee noted the high practical and theoretical level of students’ training and stressed that the subject of final qualification works is relevant, reflects the problems facing the customs authorities, trade and manufacturing enterprises in the current conditions of management.

In the works the commodity the assessment characteristics of the competitiveness of the goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented; the tendencies of the market development of certain groups of consumer goods, the ways and conditions of their storage, the prediction of the safety of certain groups of goods, critical analysis of the current normative documentation, and proposals for its improvement and harmonization in accordance with EU requirements, features of identification examination, customs clearance and control of goods, determining their customs value.

Nine students defended their works, specialty: 076 “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities” (educational program “Commodity and Business”). The Chairman of the Examination Commission is V.V. Evlash, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Kharkiv State University of Nutrition and Trade, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Microbiology and Food Hygiene.

Such students, as: Tetyana Zaytseva, Anna Luk’yantseva, Olga Usik demonstrated a high professional competence and deep scientific knowledge in the defense of final qualifying works.

15 students defended the works, specialty: 076 “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities” (educational program “Commodity and Examination in Customs”).

The students demonstrated their high professional competence and deep scientific knowledge in defending the final qualifying works. Among them were Diana Sukhina, Olena Emelyanova, Yulia Koshel, Angelina Nguyen, Krystyna Timchenko, Alena Melnik.

E.A. Yemelyanova and G.A. Lukiantseva were recommended for admission to postgraduate courses.

The results of completed final qualification works are recommended by the EC to the introduction into practice of the activities of trade enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, bodies of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.


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