Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Creative exam

The Institute of Culture and Arts held a defense of master’s works and a creative exam in the specialties “Musical Art” and “Choreography”. 

Graduates demonstrated a sufficiently high level of professional, scientific and research skills.

Anton Churikov (flute), Serhii Mazur (percussion instruments), Artem Zakharov (academic vocal), Olga Petukh and Danylo Reveka (pop singing) successfully passed the creative exam in the specialty “Musical Art”. Among the master’s works the examination commission noted the research by Olga Petukh, Oleksandr Abramov, Alina Yaroshenko, in which the scientific search was aimed at the little-researched aspects of the professional activity of the representatives of the Ukrainian musical culture: the composer and educator Ivan Karabitsa, founder of the Bahmut College of Arts; conductor, teacher, active musician of Poltava region of the late XIX – early XX century Dmytro Ahsharumov; known teachers-vocalists of the Poltava Musical College E.Nagorny, V.Putko, V.Openko.

Graduates majoring in “Choreography” at the creative exam on the art of the choreographer presented their own choreographic productions. Such creative works, as: “Adagio” from A. Khachaturyan’s ballet “Spartacus” by the master’s student Evgen Svetlitsa – honored artist of Ukraine; neoclassical ballet “Contertemps” to the music of J.-S. Bach by international students – US citizens Oleksii Sharov and Natalia Sharova, one-act ballet “Come Back to Me” by Yulia Bezpalenko and the Modern Ballet “Only Dance Makes Music Visible” by Lilia Grazoulis were evaluated by the Examination Commission as highly professional.


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