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Action “Feed the birds in winter”

The action “Feed the birds in winter” for the production of bird feeders was held by the biology students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, LTSNU.

Winter cold, pleasing us with snow, significantly complicate the life of birds, which remain in our area in winter. Especially difficult for many of them is the extraction of food.

Therefore, students-biologists of the Faculty of Natural Sciences supported the initiative of the Vice-Rector Oleksandr Meniailenko on making their own feeders. “Statistics of the death of birds with snowy winters are disappointing – 8-9 perished from 10 birds,” Alexander Sergeyevich explains.

“There are a lot of models of feeders, traditionally they are made of wood, plywood, cardboard and plastic bottles. Every year, new ideas are emerging with the use of non-traditional materials,” – the Associate Professor of the Biology Department Galyna Evtushenko explains.

Our students enthusiastically made original feeders, and the creative approach allowed them to use even food gelatin as a material!

We hope that the work of our biology students will help a dozen birds to survive in winter! Join our action!


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