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The mathematical journal of LTSNU is included in the ESCI

On the fifteenth anniversary of its founding, the mathematical journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics” is included in the database of the ESCI (Web of Science).

In 2017, 15 years have passed since the founding of the international mathematical journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics”. In 2002, on the initiative of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Vitalii M. Usenko Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University became the founder of the journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics”.

The journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics” has an international editorial board consisting of leading scientists from eleven countries of the world: Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and the United States. The main editors of the journal are Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Yu. A. Drozd; Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor V.V. Kirichenko and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor A.V. Zhuchok. The scientific secretary of the journal is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Yu.V. Zhuchok, and the technical editor is the senior lecturer of the Department of Algebra and Systems Analysis A.B. Popov. According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1413 of October 24, 2017, the edition has successfully passed re-registration and is included in the list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine.

The journal is refereed in such worldwide scientific publications as Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt Math, Abstract Journal. Mathematics and Math-Net.Ru. In June 2012, the journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics” was included in the database Scopus – the world’s largest universal reference database with the ability to track the scientific citation of publications. Today the Scopus SNIP index is 0.790. In December 2016, the publication is included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index, a scientific journals database that is part of the Web of Science Core Collection.

Recall that the science-based database Web of Science – one of the world’s largest search platforms, which contains abstracts of academic materials, taking into account their mutual quoting, on the basis of which each journal receives a separate impact factor. Indexing in the Web of Science testifies to the high status and importance of the scientific journal among the world scientific community.

From 2002 to 2017, thanks to the work of the editorial board, 61 issues of the journal were prepared and printed, in which 701 scientific articles were published. The average number of articles per year is 44, and the average number of articles in the issue is 11. During this period, articles of scientists from more than 50 different countries around the world were published. All articles presented in the journal are published only in English and undergo a mandatory review procedure. Some issues are dedicated to famous Russian and foreign mathematicians, as well as the most important algebraic events in Ukraine and abroad.

With the direct support of the Chairman of the Supervisory Council, the Chairman of the Academic Council of the University Vitalii Kurylo, the Rector of the University Serhii Savchenko, the University Administration the journal continues to develop further. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the members of the international editorial board, the journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics” corresponds to international standards of publications and opens new prospects for development to Ukrainian mathematicians.


Head of the Department of Algebra and System Analysis
A.V. Zhuchok

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