Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

State attestation

On January 26, the state attestation of students of the educational and qualification level “junior specialist” was held at the College of LTSNU.

Graduates majoring in “Hairdressing and Decorative Cosmetics”, “Design (design of hairstyle and make-up)” passed the state attestation. Attention was given to the students who developed stylized images in modern design using the traditions of Ukrainian and Chinese cultures. Here was the embodiment of the images of such literary characters as Mavka and Mermaid. The practical part of the diploma project was prepared by students through their skills, acquired professional knowledge, which were reflected in the hair, make-up, manicure, the main elements of the overall artistic image.

During the defense, students fully disclosed the subject of their diploma projects and demonstrated a high level of knowledge. In their practical part, they performed creative hairstyles of different styles, namely:

  • ethnic,
  • national,
  • exotic,
  • folklore.

By the decision of the State Examination Commission, the students majoring in “Hairdressing and Decorative Cosmetics” and “Design” were given the qualification of a specialist in hairdressing and decorative cosmetics.

We sincerely congratulate our graduates on the completion of an important life stage, and we wish them health, peace, creative inspiration and professional growth.


According to the College of LTSNU

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