Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Graduation 2018 in the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports

The attestation of the master’s students completed at the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

The attestation of master’s students majoring in “Secondary education. Physical Culture”, “Physical culture and sport. Sports”, “Physical rehabilitation. Fitness and recreation”, “Secondary education. Human health”, “Physical rehabilitation. Physical rehabilitation” completed at the ER IPES. 

Examinations were conducted in the form of an oral comprehensive qualification exam and the defense of master’s works.

The generalization of the results of the examination showed that such a form of conducting state attestation makes it possible to assess the level of the formation of professional thinking and the professional skills of masters.

96 students successfully passed the exams and defended their master’s theses. It should be noted students who defended their master’s works perfectly: Snizhana Porohnya, Tetiana Berezueva, Serhii Dvortsov (specialty: “Secondary education, Physical culture”); Mykola Barannik, Tetiana Naumenko, Oleksandr Gorshkowozov, Andrii Bezverkhov (specialty: Physical Culture, Sports and Sports); Olena Litvinchuk (specialty “Physical rehabilitation, fitness and recreation”) and Svitlana Astakhova, Maksym Bakhtizin (specialty “Physical rehabilitation. Physical rehabilitation”).

In addition to outstanding sportsmen, coaches and teachers, 8 participants of the ATO, 3 officers of the Internal Affairs Department, etc., received a full higher education.

We wish our graduates not to stop on their laurels, but to go to their goals confidently, be persistent and professionals in their field of activities.


According to the information of the ER IPES


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