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The 3D printer and the 3D machine

A 3D printer and a 3D machine appeared in the Starobilsk branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education of LTSNU.  

The appearance of the 3D printer has simply stirred up the sphere of the latest technologies; which only things were not created with the help of this miracle device!

3D works on the basis of the computer model of the thing you need to print. First, a model is created on the computer using special programs. Such programs are similar to graphical editors – the user can literally draw what he needs to print, the program converts the drawing into a 3D model. After certain changes and modifications, the final result is displayed on the screen, and the created 3D model is saved in a special STL file. This file is transferred to the printer, which from this drawing, actually, prints the object.

Now we have several variants of printed 3D-models independently.

The administration and staff of the Center express their sincere gratitude to the leadership of the Department of Education and Science of the Luhansk Regional State Administration in the person of Yu. V. Stetsyuk for their support and assistance in acquiring new equipment.

For its part, the staff of the Regional Center for Vocational Education undertakes to pass the preparatory period as soon as possible in order to open a new profession 7223 “The adjuster of machine tools and manipulators with program control”.

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of the RCVE of LTSNU

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