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History Faculty Has Turned 81 Years Old

Recently the Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences was taking congratulations – legendary historical faculty has turned 81 years old.

Traditionally on the last Friday of March all those who proudly connected with the history faculty, celebrate the anniversary of the faculty foundation day. Our institute has a long and rich history, it has went through rises and falls. But a soul of history faculty is unchanged – sense of love and unity, unique cultural feature, has become a ticket to success for many graduates of the faculty.

Unfortunately, today our graduates couldn’t come together, a meeting was held in Kiev and Starobilsk where the institute is located. But the graduates didn’t lose the sense of unity and optimism, especially after fun and lyrical at the same time video message of the institute director Leonid Tsezarevych Vakhovskyi. The Faculty of History has changed its address for several times and this hasn’t affected its uniqueness and phenomenality because these are people but not room who create this originality. You can feel this spirit in the hymn of history faculty “Пусть нас ломали, но не сломили”.

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