Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

New Year’s tournament

“New Year’s tournament” in futsal among the teams of institutes and faculties of the University finished the 2017 sporty year at our University.

Nine combined teams competed for the honorable cup. The tournament started with games in three groups, and then the winners of the group determined the winner of the “New Year’s tournament” in the finals. The main purpose of the tournament, in addition to determining the winner, is the formation of a university team for participation in the regional competitions. Therefore, it is no wonder that in the games the fans saw a lot of new faces, maybe some of them lacked the skill, but the desire to play was enough. All matches were emotional, interesting, fighting. Each team sought to win.

In the “A” group, the teams “Old-ITOTT” and “FNS-1” were considered as the leaders. They played out a ticket to the final. The players of “ITOTT” had a preference in the match; their actions were more acute. The goalkeeper of the team “FEN-1” Artem Gurtovy was unable to help his team, conceding five goals. But his counterpart Oleksandr Chernukha from “Old – ITOTT” kept his gates “dry”.

In the “B” group, the main opposition was between the teams “IPP” and “IHIRSPS-2”. The team “IPP” was strengthened by Dmyto Zinchenko. “Historians” lost their leader Oleksii Kobts, who was not allowed to play. “Educators”, through the efforts of Dmytro Zinchenko, actively acted on the playground and won with a score of 5:3.

In the group “C” the team of teachers “Alma Mater” passed without problems to the final, having played “FNS” with a score of 11: 3 and “ITOTT-1” – 6:4.

The first match of the final – “Alma Mater” played against “IPP”. “IPP” started the game very confidently and by the sixth minute led in the score 3:0. But such an unfortunate start to the game did not confuse the experienced players of “Alma Mater”. They managed to quickly rebuild and reliably play against the leader of the “IPP” Dmytro Zinchenko. First, Oleksandr Sylkin and Evgen Reshetilo cut the score, and then in the second half, “Alma Mater” scored four goals and won with a score of 6:4.

After losing in this game, the team “IPP” could not do anything against “Old – ITOTT “, lost with the score of 11:0 and finished third in the tournament.

The teams “Alma Mater” and “Old – ITOTT” competed for the main prize. The final of this match was draw with a score of 4:4. This result suited the team “Old – ITOTT.” Having scored 4 points in the final, the “winners” of the tournament became the team “Old – ITOTT”, which had a better difference in the scored goals. They took the first place, and the team “Alma Mater” took the second one.

The best scorer – Andrii Nosal (10 goals), the best player – Mykola Shyrai (Old – ITOTT).


Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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