Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Basketball Championship of the University

The Basketball Championship of the University ended with a confident victory of the team of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

Five games – five wins. It was one hundred percent result. The starting lineup of the team (Vitalii Kondratenko, Andrii Ukraintsev, Yaroslav Onishchenko, Oleksandr Shestak and Ivan Orlov) acted harmoniously on the playground and took the first place.

The players of the IPES started their ascent to the sports Olympus with a game against young basketball players of the Regional Center for Vocational Education (Starobilsk branch). The youth confidently resisted, and the team of IPES won the match only with an advantage of 9 points. The score was 26:15.

The second match against the FNS seemed somewhat easier, which is confirmed by the result of the game 54:34. The intrigue of the Championship awaited the final games, when the teams “Alma Mater” (team of teachers) and “FV-4” opposed the team of IPES.

 “Alma Mater” confidently progressed in the standings and the game against IPES was supposed to give an answer: who will be the winner. Because in the intense match “Alma Mater” – “FV-4” the more experienced players of the team “Alma Mater” won the score of 28:25. And this meant that there were only two candidates to win.

The game between them began cautiously, as evidenced by the score of the first period of 8:2 in favor of IPES. The leader of the team “Alma Mater” Evgen Reshetilo tried to instill confidence in the actions of the players of his team in the game, and he succeeded in the second period: the game somewhat leveled. “Alma Mater” won the period with the score of 10:7 and resumed the match intrigue. The confident actions of the leader of IPES Vitalii Kondratenko crossed out all the hopes of the “Alma Mater” fans for the victory of their team. IPES won the third and the fourth period, won the match in general with the score of 39:27, and in high spirits tuned for the final game against the team “FV-4”.

In this Championship, it is worth noting the game of the RCVE against the combined team of colleges and the ER IPMIT. It was a match, which for the entire time kept in suspense both players and numerous fans. The teams lacked a bit of skill in performing technical tricks, but the emotions of the match, the desire to win were at a high level.

Because of the nerves, the young player Vadim Iguminov left the playground for five personal fouls. He was the leader of his team of RCVE, which was in a very difficult situation. So, the combined team of colleges and IPMIT won with the score of 17:16.  

In the final match of the Championship, the team of IPES played against the team “FV-4” and confidently won. The second place was taken by the team “Alma Mater”, the third one – by the team “FV-4”. The best scorer – Evgen Reshetilo, the best player – Vitalii Kondratenko.


Head of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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