Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Meeting of the Academic Council

A March meeting of the Academic Council of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University was held.

Several issues were considered at the meeting including the one on approving educational program of national and patriotic education of the university students. The Pro-rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksandr Babychev made a report. The Pro-rector noted that the university needed the educational program of national and patriotic education of the students based on the idea of developing the Ukrainian nationhood as a factor of consolidation of public development and nation at large. The importance of such program at LNU is conditioned upon the necessity of implementing modern state politics in the field of establishing and strengthening the Ukrainian nationhood, civil society building, the integration of Ukraine to the world and the European community which supposes focusing on the person, his intellectual culture and defines the main directions of socio-humanitarian work with the youth and modernization of educational process.

The goal of the national and patriotic education of the students is detailed through the system of educative tasks implemented at the university via the events in the following directions: developing national consciousness and liability for the future of Ukraine; ecological education of the Ukrainian culture; establishing the foundations of the state language at LNU; education of the civil duty to Ukraine and society; maintaining university traditions and developing university patriotism; developing civic awareness and student liability and so on.

The Program is supposed to lead to the establishment of sense of patriotism and national consciousness of the youth, enrichment of the process of developing foundations of humanistic ideology; priority of high moral, cultural, national and human values that will conduce strengthening intellectual, moral unity of society and so on.

To achieve the program goal one need to find the capabilities of the educational disciplines of professional training in the patriotic education of the students and the ways of their implementation at the lessons; enrich disciplines content with historical and scientific texts, didactic materials which influence on developing national and patriotic senses and consciousness of the students, etc.

Having heard and discussed the issue, the Academic Council approved the educative program of the national and patriotic education of LNU students (DOWNLOAD PROGRAM).

Pro-rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksandr Meniailenko reported on ensuring transparency and publicity of the university work. Oleksandr Serhiiovych noted that according to the current Regulation on website there are information categories which provide the transparency and publicity of the university activity; there are persons responsible for timely supply of information and the corresponding procedures are developed. According to the active legislation there is a transparency of the Admission Committee work, organization of state purchases and planning and budget committee. There is a press-center at the university which provides the publicity and flashes the university activity in the media and social networks.

Each remote course contains public information: course description, working program and information about the teachers and their contacts.

While preparing the issue there was a survey of student and teachers to find out the level of their satisfaction with the transparency of university information. Generally, students and teachers are satisfied with the level of transparency and accessibility of university information. According to the students and teachers, the main source of information is the university website. Students find at the website the information about education, announces and new events at the university.

There are some difficulties at the providing transparency and publicity of university work including the following ones: absence of the department responsible for the general informational policy at the university; insufficient development of the procedures of some processes of university management system; insufficient fullness of general information at remote courses; insufficient consistency of updating information on the website, etc.

Having heard and discussed the issue, the Academic Council approved to submit the suggestions on the changes to the Regulations on the university website, approve it and publish on the website, ensure its implementation.

Regarding competitive issues they considered one candidacy for the position of the head of the Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business – Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Docent Halyna Shchuka who was chosen according to the results of the secret voting.

According to the decision of the Academic Council of LNU the academic title of docent was assigned to Olena Lapko and Nataliia Filonenko from the Department of Ukrainian Literature, Olha Yakovlieva from the Department of Social Pedagogy.

Also they considered the issue on preparing curriculums and issues connected with the scientific university activity including the Regulation on choosing and approval for the posts of the academic workers (REGULATION).

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