Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Ecological New Year Tree”

On the eve of the holiday, the Faculty of Natural Sciences has traditionally held the contest “Ecological New Year Tree”.

New Year is approaching. All people, regardless of age and profession, are looking forward to the winter holidays. It is not only the time of gifts, vacations and fabulous atmosphere, but also an opportunity to show their creative abilities.

Students of natural specialties have been trying for the second year in a row to offer interesting ideas for replacing a real forest beauty – a tree for its equally bright and beautiful creative substitutes from artificial materials. This year, the idea of ​​making a New Year Tree was very diverse.

The magic hostess of this event was the head of the cultural sector of the faculty Oksana Dzyuba.

Each master presented his Christmas tree in different ways. The authors told interesting tales of fantastic and natural New Year trees, exciting poems and different stories of creating their own beauty. In the presentations presented, different themes were intertwined, but most of all they spoke about the preservation of the environment and the protection of green beauties.

The active participation in the celebration was made by Natalia Demidova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Ecology. She together with the first-year students majoring “Garden and Park Economy” made creative New Year’s ikebans.

At the end of the event, a lot of interesting photos with charming New Year trees were taken.


According to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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