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A good deed on St. Nicholas Day

On December 19, the initiative group “INVENTORS” together with the public organization and the ER IHIRSPS celebrated St. Nicholas Day with a good deed by visiting small children in the district hospital.

The participants dressed in costumes and gave the children a fairy tale, sweets and many interesting toys that will help to speed up the time in the hospital. Among the heroes were Saint Nicholas and the clown, who made this holiday. And for this wonderful opportunity to make the children happy, we would like to thank Anton Bader, the MCP “Solidarity”, the people’s deputy Vitalii Kurylo, Mykola Semenov, the university professors, the indifferent students and the children’s infectious diseases department of the regional hospital for fruitful cooperation and permission to visit them. It was thanks to them that a celebration for the kids took place.

We hope that this is not the last visit of the initiative group, and they will often come with fun and sweets.


According to the information of the ER IHIRSPS

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