Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Homecoming of Oleksandr Oles

Recently, the University hosted an event under the symbolic title “Homecoming of Oleksandr Oles.”

The purpose of the literary evening was honoring the memory of the Ukrainian artist, patriot of his country Oleksandr Oles.

Participants of the event in the premises of the University’s scientific library were students of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications. The students of other structural subdivisions of the University came to listen to the poetry of the poet of the Shot Revival.

The Dean of the Faculty Tetyana Pinchuk as the author of the script during the introductory speech stressed the important role of the creator for the development of Ukrainian society. Oleksandr Oles lived in the name of his homeland, created for it, his life and his work repeatedly asserted the idea that Ukrainians are a nation of talented people, rich in people of extraordinary strength, whose works reach their level in the depth of Europe.

The participants and organizers of the event managed to make the literary evening as informative and useful for listeners as possible. The students read the writer’s poems, looked through the biography pages. An interesting addition was the presentation. Particular attention was paid to the facts of a loud story around the reburial of the remains of the famous Ukrainian poet and his wife from the Olshansky cemetery in Prague on the Lukyanovka cemetery in Kyiv. This event was of great importance for people who are not indifferent to the Motherland, Ukrainian history and culture.

The literary evening was held on the anniversary of the birth of Oleksandr Oles, whose life and creative path was filled with pain for his native country. The poet strove to be close to his native people with heart, soul and creativity, to create and live for the prosperity of his Motherland. 73 years later, he was able to return to his homeland only after his death.


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