Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

FNS Celebrates Its 92 Anniversary

Faculty of Natural Sciences of Luhansk National University celebrates its 92nd anniversary on March 26.

FNS is one of the oldest faculties of LNU, it was established in 1923 as agrobiological department of the faculty of social education of Donetsk Institute of People’s Education. The first faculty graduation was in 1926 and it obtained its current name in 2007.

92 difficult years are away. During this period our university and faculty survived challenging situations for several times. During the Great Patriotic War the university was evacuated twice and twice restarted education – in 1942 and 1944. Postwar students together with the teachers had to study and, besides that, recover resource, educational and scientific base of the institute, fix the educational buildings, build new hostels, prove the university image and study living without war.

The structure of the faculty had been changed for several times. It was added with new departments and specialties, scientists and talented student youth.

Current Faculty of Natural Sciences operates in a new way but it still keeps its main principle: “Sow the smart, good and eternal seed!”

We congratulate the teachers and students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences with a holiday of our friendly, talented and patriotic faculty’s family! We wish health, inspiration, recognition, patience and peaceful sky! May the best and the kindest wishes and hopes of our faculty come true!

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