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A regular issue of the student educational newspaper “Kontakt” was published.

In November this year, another issue No. 3 of the student educational newspaper “Kontakt” (updated) was prepared, which became an effective base for the passage of creative practices by students-journalists.

The journal became a kind of biography of students-journalists of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications. A well-established editorial team, led by the editor-in-chief, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing A.A. Galych, took part in its organization. The editor of the issue is the Candidate of Science in Social Communications, Assistant Professor K.N. Ulyanova. The editor from the students is the first-year master student majoring in “Journalism” M. Sikorska. Technical and artistic editor – the second-year master student majoring in “Media Communications” Yulia Tretyakova.

This time “Kontakt” is dedicated to the celebration of one of the main youth holidays – Student’s Day. The newspaper is opened by the rubric “Student Life”, in which the journalistic material about the traditions of the celebration of the International Student Day from Danylo Chernichenko was organically added. The peculiarities of student leisure of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications were unfolded by Maryna Chumakova. The rubric “How We Live” is presented by Olena Smitanina’s material about the activity of the university radio studio, which opened wide opportunities for the realization of their professional skills by students of journalistic specialties. This is a big step forward, a path to informative, improving skills and experience, which in the future will open any doors to the media universe.

Among the events of the Faculty and the University as a whole (the rubric “Events”) is the writing of the All-Ukrainian dictation of unity on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. The event demonstrated the integrity of the homeland and native Alma Mater. Among the winners of the event are students of our Department.

Activity is about us! Students not only learn, but also teach, attend trainings, additional lectures, make up their own poems. And do not forget about health. They also share their impressions about this in the pages of their favorite newspaper. The author’s materials of E. Kholodnyak, Ya. Yakovenko, G. Ombodi, T. Tsarevska, M. Sikorska and others organically blended into the outlined problems.

The most active masters of the pen took care of updating the logo of “Kontakt”. The editorial board of the issue identified three best logos prepared by students and master students of the Department of Journalism and Publishing. The first place was taken by Yulia Tretyakova’s logo, which was already adapted for the next issue of the student newspaper.


Editorial board
of the student educational newspaper “Kontakt”

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