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Visit to the food factory

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism visited the Starobilsk food factory. 

An important component of the educational process at the University is the consolidation of acquired theoretical knowledge and the formation of practical skills in student youth. It is for this purpose, at the initiative of the Doctor of Agricultural Sciences S.V. Masliyova, the first- and second-year students majoring in “Business, Commerce and Stock Exchange Activities” and “Production Technology and Processing of Agricultural Products” visited the Starobilsk food factory and learned about the production possibilities.

The commercial director of the factory Svitlana I. Nemtseva cordially greeted the youth and told about the main activities of the enterprise. Summing up the story, she demonstrated the presentation video of the Starobilsk food factory. According to Svitlana Ivanovna, the main advantage of production is the absence of chemical additives. This is the key to the success and quality of the goods.

After getting acquainted with the director, the students learned about the enterprise, in particular visited the workshop for the production of oil, soft drinks, a mill and a laboratory, in which the quality of products is checked. Workers of the plant told about the peculiarities of technological processes at the enterprise, the equipment and ways of selling the goods.

Upon completion of the excursion, the students thanked the staff of the Starobilsk food factory and expressed their hope for further cooperation.


Oleg Chernysh, Press Center of LTSNU

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