Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Dictation of Unity

The dictation of unity dedicated to the year of Ukrainian-German languages in Ukraine was held on 17 November at the faculty of foreign languages.

As everybody knows, 2017 has been declared the Ukrainian-German year of languages. For this quite a prolific year the work with a goal to strengthen the Ukrainian-German relationship is being constantly held in Ukraine: a lot of projects, internships, obtaining the progressive experience. The professor of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology Kobzar Olena Ivanivna, while wishing the students to succeed the dictation, highlighted the value of German language in their future daily and professional life. After all, the German language is useful as English in most spheres of activities.

The dictation was held in two languages: Ukrainian and German, the topic was “Famous sights of Germany”. Thus, everyone had the opportunity to expand their cultural level with a new, interesting and useful information, emphasizing the importance of such friendly international relations. A significant contribution to the organization of this event was made by the senior lecturer of the Department, Bindas Olena Mykolayivna. She had chosen and prepared the dictation, dedicated to this special event.

The year of Ukrainian-German languages 2017 is almost over, but this language will live and develop at our faculty in the bosom of the prolific and friendly cooperation between Ukraine and Germany.

According to Romance and Germanic Philology Department

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