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Road Safety Week

On November 13, the Road Safety Week started in the Starobilsk branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education of LTSNU.

Every year in the world, 1500000 people die because of road accidents. About 50 million people are those who have some injuries because of road accidents. Therefore today the Road Safety Week is aimed at ensuring that citizens together with the authorities and the public unite to address issues related to reducing mortality, reducing injuries on our roads.

During 2011-2016 in Ukraine, the level of injuries and deaths due to road accidents is one of the highest in Europe. In particular, during this time 170 thousand road accidents were registered, 26,500 people were died, 206,000 people were injured. It is worth noting that 43% of those died people in the accidents in 2016 are pedestrians and cyclists. Also during this period 1,4 thousand children under the age of 18 died in road accidents.

The road accident in Ukraine is the first cause of death among young people aged 15 to 24 years and the second among children aged 5 to 14 years.

The Week was opened by the information company: organization of the exhibition; holding informational minutes at the lessons “Prevention of extreme hobbies”, “Rules for the carriage of passengers”, “Be noticeable in the dark”; an interview with students “What can I do for safety on the road?”.

Within the framework of the Week, a round table meeting was held under the slogan “Safety on the road – the safety of my life: it concerns EVERYBODY!” with interactive exercises, a quiz among students of I-III years “Know, study and observe the rules of the road! Take care of your life! “.

For all comers, a meeting was held with the police lieutenant, inspector of the Starobilsk Department of Police M.I. Tochilkin, who told about the current traffic regulations of Ukraine with the latest changes and additions. Particular attention was paid to compliance with the speed regime and the introduction and application of new terminology in the legislation. However, not only the rules concerned future drivers, many issues were related to improving the quality of roads and lighting on the roads.

The main goal of the events is to implement actions in support of road safety in order to reduce the level of accidents and to eliminate deaths and injuries.

Traffic rules are mandatory for all road users. They establish a unified procedure for traffic throughout Ukraine. Fulfillment of these rules is a pledge in saving your life on the road!


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