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Olena Karaman about the internship abroad

The internship abroad: experience, opportunities, prospects.

Entering Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, students have great opportunities. One of them is an internship abroad. The Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Olena Karaman and Anya – a student of this structural subdivision, who had the opportunity to pass an internship in sunny Antalya this summer, told us about the internship.  

  • Olena Leonidivna, the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology is not only one of the largest structural subdivisions of our University, but also enjoys great popularity among applicants. What do you think is the reason for such a trend?

You know, this trend began to manifest itself brightly from 2010. It was then that the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology won the first place at the University according to the results of the reception. In my opinion, this is due to a protracted socio-economic and political crisis, a war in our country that led to instability and poverty for a large part of the population, a lack of sufficient jobs, a loss of confidence in the authorities, etc. People began to seek salvation in the spiritual sphere. The specialties that we offer including a teacher, educator are the original professions that have always been, are and will be while there is humanity. And such specialties as a psychologist and a social worker are generally at the peak of urgency, especially in our region, where many socially unprotected categories of the population need social and psychological assistance.

The second factor of choice is the reputation and image that the institute won already during its stay in evacuation: a strong staff, a team spirit, an active life position in all areas of activity.

  • Cooperation with other structural units of the university is noticeable and effective. So, thanks to your cooperation with the Institute of Commerce, Servicing Technologies and Tourism, this year a third-year student has been interviewed and got an internship in Turkey. Did students of the IPP learn about the hotel and restaurant business for the first time?

Of course, our students have traditionally moonlighted in summer as waiters, bartenders, to earn their own money, to help the family. However, an internship abroad in the field of hotel and restaurant business is a new phenomenon for the IPP. Also I want to thank the Director of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism Viktor F. Drel for the fact that he offered an internship in Turkey and invited our students for the interview. We are associated with Viktor Fyodorovych long-standing friendship and cooperation in various university projects that have brought success and international recognition to our Alma Mater. And we still have many joint plans for the future.

  • Interviews. What did you pay attention to when choosing candidates for the internship?

When choosing candidates for the internship, we, first of all, paid attention to such personal and professional qualities as dedication, communication and sociability, social activity, ability to work in a team, to anticipate the development of the social situation and the needs of the client, to make a quick decision in an unconventional situation, openness, psychological balance, etc.

  • Hotel and restaurant business is not only an opportunity to make a successful career, learn about another country (customs, culture), but also the opportunity to earn money. Has such an experience negative sides? What can you say about the security and conditions of staying in another country?

In my opinion, the main danger and, at the same time, the risk of being in another country is the same: changing the life guides and future plans towards another country that is more successful than the native one, where the conditions of life, employment and earnings are the best.

Sadly, Now Ukraine is one of the largest donor countries of the labor force. During the many years of cooperation of our University with travel companies, dozens of graduates of the University migrated to Turkey, where they live and work. And this is the able-bodied part of the population, which, under the conditions of financial and economic stability, could benefit our country, bring it to a new level of development.

  • Anya, what can you say about this? Tell us, what were your first impressions of Turkey? How did they meet you?

It was my first trip abroad. Turkey is a warm and beautiful country; it surprised us with friendliness and good attitude towards the Ukrainians. Due to the long-term cooperation of our University with the Turkish company, everything was arranged. We were met, all the nuances were clarified. They told me who I will work with and conducted the training course.

  • What conditions did the Turkish company provide for you?

We were provided with accommodation, meals, and the Internet, which is one of the advantages.

  • Another country is another language. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is useful here. What language did you speak there?

The main language of communication was Russian, but sometimes I had to speak English.

  • Whom did you work? What was part of your duties?

I worked as a transfer. This is a person who meets tourists at the airport, talks about Turkey and accompanies on excursions.

  • Olena Leonidivna, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, on the one hand, and the hotel and restaurant business on the other. Did you have enough theoretical and practical skills for your student in comparison with the students of ER ICSTT?

Of course, the students of the ER ICSTT purposefully form the professional knowledge and skills necessary for the tourism business during training and practice. However, the fact that success in hotel and restaurant business is achieved by people who have the ability to establish psychological contact when communicating with different age and social groups of consumers, the ability to support conversation, to be an orator about their own business, is also indisputable; to show sensitivity and attention to people, to understand their individual and mental states. And these are professional and personal qualities that are formed in future teachers, psychologists, social workers.

  • Anya, we know that the internship abroad is not free; trainees receive a salary. How much did you get for these six months?

For six months I got $ 2100, but there was a tip for a separate fee for the excursion. This amount I cannot tell you.

  • When you were offered an internship in Turkey, did you have any doubts about whether to agree or not?

Doubts were, because another country, language, and friends there are not. But, I was sure of one thing, that in any case I can count on the support of the University.

  • Analyzing the internship and the trip as a whole, how do you think, is there any useful experience for you?

It was very useful and interesting experience. It can be used in professional activities. After all, this is communication with people, a huge responsibility. I do not regret that I passed the internship. And I would like to thank university for a chance to all students to practice abroad.

  • Do you plan to open new internships in the future?

I plan to visit not only Turkey, but also other countries.

  • Olena Leonidivna, is this experience useful for students of the IPP?

In general, I believe that any experience is useful in the personal and professional growth of a young man. And the experience gained by our students during the internship in Turkey is generally priceless. This is mobility and communication with new people, checking the ability to work with people, and the knowledge of a new culture, language, and in general – the expansion of the worldview and integration into the world space.

  • This year, students of our University will also have the opportunity to undergo such an internship. By the way, it will be not only Antalya; the list of countries will be increased. Do you support students who want to go to other countries to get work experience, because this is a timely surrender of the session, and responsibility in person to you as a Director of the structural subdivision for their lives and safety?

I will be sure to support! I want IPP students to become real professionals integrated into the world’s material and spiritual culture; highly educated, enterprising, creative individuals, capable of building a new country, free, highly developed, rich, prosperous; to prove to the whole world the uniqueness and talent of the Ukrainian nation.


We had the opportunity to hear firsthand about internships abroad. Summing up the conversation, we can say that the University really cares about its students, opening them perspectives of professional development.

You can listen to the interview on the online radio “University Wave” (http://radio.luguniv.edu.ua/#).


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