Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Series of classes for students

The Department of Production Technology and Professional Education hosted a series of classes on vocational-theoretical and vocational-practical training for full-time students.

The cycle of professional-theoretical training was provided by Professor S.V. Masliyov, Associate Professor V.V. Burdun, Associate Professor A.A. Beseda, Associate Professor V.A. Kolesnikov, Associate Professor O.A. Revyakina.  Students attended lecture courses, worked in practical classes and seminars.

An important condition for the qualitative training of a specialist is the acquisition of practical skills. Practical classes were held for students in training workshops. Students majoring in “Secondary Education. Labor Training and Technology” studied the design and operation of a manual and electrified woodworking tool. The girls consolidated their work skills on the sewing machine. These classes were held by V.V. Burundun and G.N. Grishchishina.  

The students majoring in “Vocational Education (Transport)” and “Vocational Education (Technology of production and processing of agricultural products)” have worked out the skills of assembling and disassembling the units of cars and agricultural machinery.

On October 21 and 22, were conducted the classes with master students of all areas of preparation. Viktor Burdun, the head of the Department of Production Technology and Professional Education, told the master students about the organization of the educational process in the magistracy, acquainted them with recommendations for master’s theses. Later, they conducted specialization classes.

Within two weeks, the students of the department studied special disciplines and acquired practical skills. We hope that they will use them for professional growth as high-quality specialists.


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