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Participation in the trainings

Students majoring in “Human Health” took part in pedagogical trainings.

During the last week in the city of Severodonetsk, in the secondary school No. 14, there were trainings for teachers “Teacher training for the development of resilience / stress resistance in children in an educational institution” and “Learning to live together”, in which the fourth-year students majoring in “Human Health” (the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports) participated. The events were organized with the assistance of UNICEF, MES of Ukraine, the Children’s Fund “Health through Education” and the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.

The first event was devoted to the formation of practical skills for teachers in the prevention of conflict situations, abuse and bullying in the student environment, as well as the development of students’ abilities and skills aimed at increasing stress resistance and resilience within and outside the school.

The subject of the training “Learning to live together” is connected with the introduction of new forms of the organization of the educational process in the lessons “Fundamentals of Health” aimed at increasing the level of teamwork, rapprochement of the teacher and students, and the formation of communication skills in overcoming communicative barriers, emerging negative situations and problems.

During the trainings, a friendly and positive atmosphere reigned for the work and helped to quickly assimilate new material and practical skills that students will need in the near future for pedagogical practices.


The fourth-year student majoring in “Human health”
Maksym Lychany

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